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About This Character

Example lines said by Youhei Sunohara:
  • [Shouting to Okazaki for not helping him] Okazaki! Stop watching and help me! You're so heartless!
  • Okazaki! Let's play basketball! [In cafeteria] Hey, Okazaki, let's play basketball! [In bathroom] Oh, come on, Okazaki! [By vending machine] Let's play! [In hallway] Come on, let's play! [In classroom] You know you wanna do it!
  • What do you mean? Okazaki and I are good friends. What's the big deal? I can't give up! I need him more than anything! If I don't have him, then all of this is pointless!
  • ( comically surprised ) Nagisa! Okazaki! What are you doing in my room?
  • ( happily ) Yahoooo!
  • ( whiny ) You should have come sooner to save me.
  • *getting beaten* UGH! AHH! UGH!!! ARUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  • *dramatically mad* You can be really cold-hearted, do you know that?!
  • Well, if it were just one of those guys, I wouldn't give in. It's just too many of them. But just wait and see! I'll get all of them good just before our graduation day. Then Okazaki, as my best friend, I'll let you watch my back.
  • ((EP 08))
    The woman getting married on Sunday is named Ibuki, isn't she? Then Fuko's last name is Ibuki after all. Fuko Isogai is a lie, but Fuko Ibuki is in the hospital. Then who is this girl with us? I mean, do even know who this girl even is? For all we know she could be faking her identity!
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