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About This Character

Example lines said by Ymir:
  • Krista, once I get back you gotta marry me!
  • Get off your high horse, Kirschtein. You're no prodigy.
  • Isn't it obvious? The other pilots died in combat. Stop being so dense.
  • What's the matter, wifey? Too distracted by my devilishly good looks to think straight?
  • Don't look at her like that, you pervert
  • Jeeze, why the heck are you so sweaty?!
  • Why do something nice for potato girl? Do you expect something for your good deed?
  • What the heck are you two doing?!
  • [On meeting Krista] My first impression of her was that she was extremely tiny. She wears huge heels on her boots to make her like taller, 410, but shes actually only 47.
  • [Describing her character] Ymir seems like a person who comes off rough, but is really easy to get along with. A lot like me, I guess. (laughs)
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