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About This Character

Example lines said by Xaldin:
  • If you're done messing around, I think I should talk about the world I found this week... You see, there is this rose and... (sigh) never mind.
  • Don't care.
  • You see these spears... I killed seven dragoons in order to get them.
  • Three
  • This isn't right
  • (Day 354) Why would you allow a deserter back? We should simply eradicate her!
  • (Day 354) Bring her back alive? Its sheer madness.
  • (Secret Report - Day 119: Hearts and Emotion) Watching that foolish beast flail about only deepens my disdain for humans and their incessant need to be pinned down by feelings. We became Nobodies precisely to avoid the shackles of emotion. It was only later that we realized the scale of that loss: that some things simply cannot be done without a heart. Nonetheless, I see nary a pleasant thing about it.
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