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About This Character

Example lines said by Wonder Woman / Diana:
  • You are not responsible for this. That madman orchestrated all of this.
  • I repeat. Please return to your homes and places of business or we will be forced to return you
  • (Speaking in front of the Justice League) No one standing here today was untouched by the tragedy that took place last week. Every one of us lost friends and loved ones in Metropolis. There are heroes who should be standing with us here today who we will never see again.
  • (Speaking in front of the Justice League) Superman has not been mourning. He has been fighting. He took a tragedy and began to act to make sure it could never happen again. Last night, in response to Superman's recent actions his parents were taken from their home. They will apparently be killed if Superman continues to get in the way of governments. Whoever did this wants us to know our place.
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