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About This Character

Example lines said by Wolf O'Donnell:
  • Hahaha!
  • Let's see what you can do.
  • Oh my, if it isn't Fox McCloud. Ya' know, rumor has it that you've been dead for quite some time. Then again, I've been dead for ten years according to Cornerian record.
  • Krystal honey, I know ya' good and all; but this here's a job for a professional. Now you goin' right out there would just be more blood on our hands.
  • Well to keep things short....I guess you could say that I'm enhanced. I was bread in the Cornerian labs to be the ultimate soldier. But sadly they also enhanced my brain a bit too much, I just couldn't comply to what they're all wantin' me to do.
  • Nows our chance.
  • [calmly and diabolically] Now Ill get the rabbit.
  • Alright, Fox. Youve got five seconds to surrender, or the frog gets it. Five Four Three Two One... [He's being warped away, but he doesn't realize this.]
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