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About This Character

Example lines said by Wolf O'Donnell:
  • What's a matter Fox? Can't decide whether you want to get just beaten up, or annihilated.
  • How far do you want to take this huh? Until your friends get killed? Until the country is destroyed? I think I have just the thing to make you behave hehe. (Fox says something) Well tell that to your girlfriend in Lylat!
  • Who gave that order!? Who's head do I have to blow off before every buddy around this place knows that I'M the King in this Castle!
  • Who do you miss the most? Fox or Falco?
  • Since i hear you say I will be the one to take you down! in brawl, can you say, like, a friendlier version of that?
  • Who do you like working with in the Star Wolf team?
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