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About This Character

Example lines said by Wasp / Janet Pym:
  • The Masters of Evil have control of the Mansion... They still have hostages. But I SWEAR they have won their last round. Now, it's OUR TURN!
  • Thor, WAIT! Youre actually leaving?
  • But...what about those who dont want to give up on being superheroes, but will refuse to register?
  • Scott, stop! We can work this out!
  • B-But hank sucks!..
  • Time to kick some ass! [Pause for a moment] Or not.....no no...no get away...No not there! *Sigh* ...i hate my life
  • Right this way, then.
  • Only time can tell. Lets get out of here, we dont want to disrupt his sleep.
  • Hank. Its-Its nice to see you.
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