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Example lines said by Walter C. Dornez:
  • The Jackal. A custom 13mm Anti-Freak combat pistol. It fires custom made rounds, FAR more powerful than the 4 54 castle rounds you're used to. 39cm long 16kg in weight 6 rounds per magazine. The Jackal has more fire power than any human could be expected to handle....13mm explosive shells...Pure Macedonian silver....Mercury tips, and they're already blessed.
  • The Harkonan. A 30mm Anti-Freak CANNON. Designed to be used with both depleted uranium shells and exploding incendiary shells, this weapon will destroy all but the most heavily armored of targets.
  • Out of the 96 members of the Hellsing organizations headquarters in London, only 10 are left. 8 of which are only alive because they were away at the time of the attack. Excluding them, the only survivors of this ordeal are myself and you Sir Integra.....I didn't include them because they're already dead Sir.
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