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About This Character

Example lines said by Vladimir:
  • Please sing sections of Learn To Do It
  • Sing the Learn To Do It Reprise (see description)
  • (Kind; Motivational; Fatherly; to Anya) Tell me, child, what do you see? I see an engaging and fiery young woman...who on a number of occasions has shown a regal command equal to any royal in the world. And I have known my share of royalty. You see my dear, I was a member of the imperial Court.
  • (In love; Happy; Lost in memories; Calling out) Sophie, my dear, Vlady's on his way! (A: Who's Sofie?) Who is Sophie?...She's a tender little morsel; The cup of hot chocolate after a long walk in the snow; She's a decadent pastry filled with whipped cream and laughter; She is the Empress' ravishing first cousin. (Humming)
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