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About This Character

Example lines said by Twilight Sparkle:
  • (sing failure success)
  • (surprised) Forget their smiles. Look at their cutie marks.
  • (happy) We are friends. A simple disagreement wouldn't change that.
  • (confused) How do you take some pony's cutie mark anyway?
  • The time has come to welcome Spring
    And all things warm and green,
    But it's also time to say goodbye:
    It's Winter we must clean.
    How can I help? I'm new, you see.
    What does everypony do?
    How do I fit in without magic?
    I haven't got a clue!
  • Now that I know what they all do,
    I have to find my place
    And help with all of my heart,
    Tough task ahead I face.
    How will I do without my magic,
    Help the earth pony way?
    I wanna belong, so I must
    Do my best today
    Do my best today
  • 'Cause tomorrow Spring is here
    'Cause tomorrow Spring is here
    'Cause tomorrow Spring is here!
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