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About This Character

Example lines said by Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba:
  • I am a high school student
  • Stop Screaming Ms. Bun-head, we always run into each other
  • Hey, you hit me Ms. Bun-head, are you going to make me have bumps too?
  • Sorry we're late
  • ChibiUsa, I'm so sorry.
  • Usako, I love you.
  • [slightly annoyed] That hurt, you know! [confused yet still annoyed] Are you listening, Ms. Bump Head? [slightly amused] You trying to put bumps on my head, too?
  • [Tuxedo Mask, mysterious] My name is... Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon, I'll certainly take note of you.

    [gratefully, Tuxedo Mask] Today, you rescued me. I thank you.

    [Tuxedo Mask, calling out to Sailor Moon] Sailor Moon! The only way to banish the darkness... is with an even greater light!
  • [interested] That's right, Luna. Talk some more. [sweatdropping a bit] Cut the shrill voice, all right? [casually] Bun-head, we meet up a lot, huh?

    [annoyed, correcting Usagi] No, I'm a full-fledged *high* school student. [to himself, absently/quietly] Guardian of Justice... [slightly embarrassed] No. Nothing...
  • Hey! Watch it meatball head!
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