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About This Character

Example lines said by Tuxedo Mask / Darien:
  • (Taunt/Shout) Let's see how you like this!
  • (Solemnly) There are still more minions of the Negaverse out there, we must be on our guard.
  • (Confidently) They are all right, and one day, maybe, you'll do the same for someone you care about and see is frozen with fear.
  • (Calmly) It's so nice here, the flowers smell so nice, the fountain is so soothing. I never noticed how the flowers make me feel so calm.
  • (Lovingly) I do now and that's what counts, the past is over. Since I met you, I haven't had a single lonely day. Your my family now, Charlie.
  • (Strong, as Tuxedo) The reason Earth is so appealing to you is because the sailor scouts drive out the negative forces!
  • I'm too over dressed and drunk for this emergency vets office.
  • Man sorry about that. It's like god was willing me to be an a**hole. I haven't filled my quota for the day.
  • You were telling the cab driver that you believe in him and just to follow his dreams
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