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About This Character

Example lines said by Tsukitachi:
  • *his usual happy character* Speaking of which, Dr.Akari found a interesting notebook in Niji forest. We should have a tea party, just the three of us, to discuss it. [responding to Hirato who questions him if by tea he meant alcohol] Of course! [again replying to Hirato, who scolded him for not calling Akari by his title.] Aaah! Hey, you didn't call him Dr.Akari either!
  • *his usual happy character* So can you go to Rinoll in my place? Don't make that face! It's like a vacation to the mountains!
    It's an easy investigation, you'll just be verifying a few things. It's not cold....Just... eherm....maybe it is kinda cold.
    Every once in a while, it can be quite the reward for the young ones!
  • *more serious* Both of you are involved with Varuga, so it may be hard to fulfill your wishes.
    But, don't you and Gareki have dreams in your hearts? Choose the best thing you can do, in order to get a step closer to your dreams.
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