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About This Character

Example lines said by Tony Tony Chopper:
  • (blushing) Oh shut up, you know flattery like that won't get you anywhere.
  • (talking to himself) Just wait until Luffy and the others see what a great job I did taking care of the ship all by my..(hits finger with hammer) AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  • (awe struck and excited) Wahhhh?! how did you do that!? I want to fuse! Sanji fuse with me!
  • My name's Tony Tony Chopper! I'm the doctor of the Straw Hat pirates! Nice to meet you!
  • SHUT UP! Flattering me won't get you anywhere you jerk!! *laughs*
  • [SINGING] 0:33 in the song

    When I stare up across the sky...
    The petals fall, waving goodbye...
    As cherry blossoms flow,
    I remember that day,
    It was that day that I made a vow...
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