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About This Character

Example lines said by Tien Shinhan:
  • [feeling relieved of a burden and a newfound will to fight]
    Ive betrayed my master. This match is all I have left. But now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Cranes, turtles, revengenone of it matters! Now I can devote myself entirely to defeating you! Prepare yourself! After whats happened, I absolutely cannot lose this match!
  • [surprised at Goku calling him a cheater, then he smugly taunts him, though he doesnt really know what Goku is talking about]
    What is this nonsense all of a sudden? If you think trying to disqualify me just because you realize that youll never be as good as I am will help you win, youre sadly mistaken!
  • [warns Goku to dodge the attack or die, then starts contemplating before yelling his attack]
    Do as I say! Dodge this at all costs! (strains) My target is the ringIf I use up all my energy now, Ill have none left! I need to leave myself with just enough KIKOHO!!! (yells)
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