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About This Character

Example lines said by The Russian / Yuri Dimitrov:
  • Can we kill them now? They have everything we need to be successful.
  • I bite my thumb at you You do not know anything about my brother and me or Mother Russia! (If you're a girl change brother to sister)
  • Ill get the whole Russian army to come in and take care of this! After what my brother had found no wonder you will not make a move you are just a puppet Goliath. You know what who needs you! (If you're a girl change brother to sister)
  • We are the Ratzpunik brothers (or sisters if you're a girl)for a reason. We killed more people than you could ever imagine. We have taken what no others could, we were the first perfect soldiers, we were a part of the Spetznaz so bow down to our superiority.
  • No worries Yangsotu Tenshu!! (his/her attack)
  • Buthow you were breaking down crying a minute about how you werent going to survive!
  • How do we catch a flying rodent? By hiring a hunter!
  • He ratted us out!
  • At our next arms deal.
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