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About This Character

Example lines said by The Boss:
  • : I didn't. I'm loyal... to the end. To my purpose. What about you,
    Jack? What's it going to be? Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me? Your
    country, or your mentor? Your mission, or your beliefs? Your duty to your
    unit? Or your personal feelings? You don't know the truth yet. But sooner or
    later, you'll have to choose.
  • You're a soldier! Finish your mission! Prove your loyalty!
  • It was November 1st, 1951. I was in the Nevada desert participating in
    atomic testing. The name Nevada is derived from Spanish... covered in
    snow... white as snow... And snow is exactly what I saw in the that Nevada
    desert. It froze my blood white. Snake, you were an atomic test subject,
    weren't you? On Bikini Atoll. That's part of the reason I was drawn to you.
    You and I are alike. We're both slowly being eaten away by the karma of
    others. We'll never have the chance to die peacefully of old age. We have no
    tomorrow. But we can still have hope for the future.
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