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About This Character

Example lines said by Tetsuzaemon Iba:
  • He's pretty strong, that Ryoka. So nice... It would be so nice if I could fight him once.
  • I wasn't a do-it-all guy in the beginning, but instead of focusing on one thing, being more well-rounded means a better chance of promotion to lieutenant. Since my goal was to become a lieutenant, I decided to be a do-it-all guy.
  • Your task here today was to 'protect the pillar'. However, your pillar was destroyed. Do you know why? It was because you were concealing your power. Now, if you want to get yourself killed concealing that power, that is your choice. However, you should never ignore orders for such a reason! Never cause your division to suffer a loss for your own personal reasons. As long as you are a member of the thirteen guard squads, your orders are absolute. Even if it means crushing your own wishes and your pride, you must enforce those orders with every fiber in your body!
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