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About This Character

Example lines said by Teruteru Hanamura:
  • Introduce yourself as Teruteru.
  • Ad-lib emotion.
  • Just go nuts. Or maybe almonds. In either case, display your vocal prowess!
  • Introduce yourself as Hanamura, or if the song you're singing has spoken parts that works as well.
  • I never saw that house. I swear on my mother!
  • I am one of the most renowned cooks on television! Why on earth would I jeapordise that at the height of my popularity?!
  • This is all preposterous! You cant pin any of this on me!
  • Ah, hello monsieur! The name is Teruteru Hanamura, and might I say you are quite Stunning.
  • Why am I in the murderers block? Lets just say I dont take kindly to rejection...
  • Its not MY FAULT! I cant control the urge I know what Im doing is awful But its not like I can help it or anything!
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