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About This Character

Example lines said by Terpsichore the Muse of Dance:
  • (Sing some of the song: The Gospel Truth 1)
  • (Sing some of the song: Zero to Hero)
  • But by the time they found the baby, it was too late.
  • Who put the glad in gladiator?
    Whose daring deeds are great theater?
    Is he bold?
    No one braver
    Is he sweet
    Our favorite flavor
    Hercules, Hercules,
    Hercules, Hercules
    Hercules, Hercules
  • Bless my soul
    Herc was on a roll
    Riding high
    And the nicest guy
    not conceited
  • He was a nothin'
    A zero, zero
    Now he's a hot shot
    He's a hero

    He hit the heights at breakneck speed
    From zero to hero
    Herc is a hero
    Now he's a hero
    Yes indeed!
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