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About This Character

Example lines said by Tenten:
  • Hinata told us. (sounds happy)
  • Thanks for the food, Shikamaru. (says this in unison with everybody)
  • Kunai bomb!
  • I won't let that happen. No way you're not getting off that easy! The people you and Raiga killed, they all wanted to live but you didn't leave them that choice! You decided for them! Well you don't get to decide this time, ok?! You're gonna live and you're going to take some responsibility for all those people's lives you cut short!
  • Three members of Team Guy specialise in close-contact battles so I often render aid from the distance. I don't mind providing back up, but I was hoping to find new ninja tools that would enable me to fight on the front lines.
  • Lee! You never give up, no matter what! And because you always go for it, I tell myself not to lose to you and I'm able to give it my all too.
  • Hey guys whats going on?
  • Huh You know her Saiya?
  • Saiya hush and u didn't whoo me like that you whooed me with ur charming personality not ur singing *steps on his foot*
  • (somewhat dazed; see page 8) Wh-what happened...?
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