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About This Character

Example lines said by Tellah:
  • You, knight! You wield the dark sword, do you not? I beg you, lend me your aid! My daughter Anna was tricked by a silver-tongued bard. He's taken her to Damcyan Castle. I fear I've little time. I sense something sinister.
  • She reminds me of my Anna, when she was young. My one and only. Deceived by some wandering bard, and whisked away to Damcyan...All because I refused to give them my blessing.
  • [After the attack on Damcyan, Cecil, Tellah and Rydia rush to the center of the castle to search for survivors. They spot Anna, Tellah's daughter, lying ever so still.] Anna!? Oh, Anna! You - you're that bard! You're the one responsible for this! You spoony bard!
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