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About This Character

Example lines said by Takashi :
  • I'm sorry you got a cavity
  • I...I should have made sure that Mitsukuni brushed his teeth before his nap...It is my fault that he has a cavity... (Sad, angry)
  • (Q: Besides Kendo and Martial Arts, what hobbies do you have?) ...The Host Club... snack time with Mitsukuni...*incomprehensible sound of agreement*
  • (Improvise an answer to the following question: Do you have a favorite sweet that you have when having snacks with Hunny?)
  • Yeah *Agreeing with Honey-sempai*
  • *grunts* (Not in any weird way but just like as if he were nodding)
  • Mhm..
  • Don't eat that, Mitsukuni. It's bad for you. (protectively/cautiously)
  • He wanted tea. So, Usa-chan decided to have a drink. (casually)
  • But if Mitsukuni has to get false teeth, it'll be my fault. (sadly/worrisome)
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