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About This Character

Example lines said by Superman / Clark Kent / Kal-El:
  • Superman to Justice League, there's been an explosion at Project Cadmus. It's on fire.
  • It's a small fire, local authorities have it under control.
  • Brainiac. A nightmare from my past, here to ravish Earth, our shared might unable to stop him. But now we have a chance. New heroes with powers received from a doomed future. Heroes able to take on all threats. I know todays Lex Luthor; even the warnings from his future self cannot stop his mad vendetta. I am Superman. I stand for truth, for justice, and for the future
  • Planet Earth, home, some may call me an alien but although I was born on Krypton, this planet is my own, a place I will defend against any threat, as will my allies. Because for me Earth's people are my family, and my powers give me responsibility to help and protect them, even although I can not always be there, because this is and always will be... home
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