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About This Character

Example lines said by Splinter 2003:
  • My Enemy's minions seek me out. Down dark alleys and up filthy streets, they search for me, hired by their paymaster,old hob.Quiet literally a game of cat and mouse.Or cat and rat to be truly accurate.But this rat will not be caught-not today. This time, the story will end differently.
  • At the three of you searched for Raphael, you each wore the color that was always his favorite, a constant reminder of who it was we so urgently sought.now the he has returned to us, it is time for each of you to display your true selves. We are a clan and yet we are all individuals, posed of unique quantities that should never be forgotten.
  • The distance between the path of war and peace is as immense as the divide that separates student and master!So Oroku Saki, so we settle this now, master to master?
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