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About This Character

Example lines said by Sonic the Hedgehog:
  • Sal's in mondo trouble, I gotta help!
  • Hang in Sal, here comes the Hedgehog!!
  • Yeah! Cool ring cool! IT's Juice and Jam TIME!!
  • Lines, Lines, and more lines *moaning holding on to his stomach* at this rate all those chili dogs will be going to some good homes, meaning there stomachs *moaning*
  • Sounds like Robuttnick is having himself a little get together with slimey the slimeball jones, man that's a mouthful
  • Too slow, joe! *chuckles* hey that rhymed
  • I'm coming for you Sal and I'm gonna stop Robuttnik from finding Knothole also.
  • I could go for a giant chili dog while I'm still here.
  • Maybe we can fix the de-roboticizer I found a piece that could work for it.
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