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About This Character

Example lines said by Sonic the Hedgehog:
  • So has anyone seen Amy around
  • Any day without amy around is the best day of my life
  • She is on a date with who?
  • Tails I think it's time to tell you what happened before we met
  • Yeah Amy was messing with Kayla a lot after i met Amy
  • A wedding to celebrate is going to take a while but we know it's the right thing
  • Just say a random line that Sonic would say here
  • *verse 1 of the song* Save me, I'm drowning so deep in the darkness. I'm waiting for your touch to stop this. There's smoke blinding us with goodbyes. And I~
  • *chorus of the song* Please remember that I miss you. Young and reckless, what did we do? Broken promise, gone forever. Maybe one day we'll get better~
  • This should be easy!
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