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About This Character

Example lines said by Sonia Nevermind:
  • Introduce yourself as Sonia, or if the song you're singing has spoken parts that works as well.
  • It's just like in Friday the 13th!!
  • Wow, Tanaka-san, you're amazing!
  • Just like a Japanese ninja, right?
  • In my own country, I had not a single friend my own age who was my equal in status. And so, for everyone to gather and partake in this group activity It is a feeling most novel! I applaud you all!
  • We must first leave here...and get some rest. And then...we shall all work together and do our best. Do our best so we never have to come back here again. That is what...I believe we must do right now...
  • To guide my people down the right path! That is the duty of a ruler!
  • I am truly happy that someone has casually walked up to me to talk... This must be what it means to have classmates! I am very touched! (Sincere, happy)
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