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About This Character

Example lines said by Snow Villiers:
  • Since when have heroes ever needed plans?
  • I will stand by you, no matter what happens. I'm yours forever.
  • I always thought it would be painful for you to think back about Sis, so I could never bring myself to ask.
  • Oh yeah! Snow Villiars is here!
  • Someone call for a hero?
  • Oh cut the crap! You want L'Cie, then kill L'Cie! Why do other people have to die?!
  • When a 14 year old is judging you, you know you've had too much to drink.
  • Hangover status: I've been bedridden longer than that kid from The Secret Garden. It's not looking good.
  • I either bought an 18 year old girl or I'm engaged to her... I'm not quite sure.
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