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About This Character

Example lines said by Sixth Doctor:
  • Not bad, nice green jacket. You look exactly just how I would imagine me.
  • Well I am on my own, Mel went home to go to the Gym. It is bad enough we have one on The Tardis, but she goes home just to use one. Where as The Tardises one is free.
  • Still, at least she took the carrot juice with her.
  • Peri can you hear me?
  • Oh my word, now this is a page for the books.
  • Nice to meet you Ace.
  • I don't object to the trial, your Honour - I object to this whole situation! To think that Peri could commit murder - well, it's preposterous!
  • NOT GUILTY! The camera footage only shows her HOLDING a pistol - one that as yet hasn't been proved to BE the murder weapon!
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