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About This Character

Example lines said by Shunsui Kyoraku:
  • Sing a verse of Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
  • (Make your own Christmas line)
  • There's nothing like Christmas time, where you can drink as much as you want and it is completely normal .
  • I'm not sure I like you deciding what is and isn't like me, Mr. Espada. If you really want to go into this, I'd say it's a lack of such distinctions that makes up my identity.
  • I guess I'm just not much of a listener when it comes to guys. I get bored pretty quickly.
  • Then it can't be helped. Drink, my friend! Since you won't turn back, at least stay here for a while. Just a little while. All the other captains must have made their moves by now. This battle should be over soon. Until then, please stay here and drink to your heart's content.
  • What do I want for Christmas? Well...some peace and quite would be nice...
  • [sleeping] Zzzzz.....ZzzZ....huh? What?? Oh, hey Nanao. I was just....[yawning]..in the middle of a nice nap... [falls back asleep]
  • Sir are you going to do something to help?


    But people are fighting and you are doing nothing but drink tea

    I know

    that's it im leaving you.

    Damn im lonely
  • hello and welcome to my shop how can i help you, you seem to be looking for something.


    now buy something or else!!
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