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About This Character

Example lines said by Shuichi Aizawa:
  • What the hell was that?
  • What do you think? were gonna be using our cell phones during this meeting to leak information?
  • Oh, youre right! Its there under his arm. But in the footage right before his death, its gone! I cant believe you actually caught that.
  • Mogi, Ide. Help me arrest Kira, Yagami Light, the mass murderer.
  • Matsuda! Stop it. What is it this time, sympathy?
  • Matsuda, you idiot!
  • Ha, h-hold on a second. L just said that he's decided to trust us now, but honestly what reason do we have to trust him?
  • But you never have to show your face, do you? You just give the orders. I don't see how you can expect us to work alongside you under those conditions.
  • I'm starting to wonder if Ryuzaki is even human. The guy never sleeps.
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