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About This Character

Example lines said by Shuhei Hisagi:
  • Sing a verse of High Risk, No Return or The Dark of the Bleeding Moon
  • Incidentally, we were not formed to retaliate against the Shinigami Women's Association.
  • Real men! Sushi!...Sushi!...eat sushi with wasabi.
  • (Make your own Christmas line )
  • Kazeshini, what is wrong with you. I won't let you kidnap the head capitan.
  • I've never noticed , Old Man Yama does sort of look like Santa .
  • As I thought, you are no longer Captain Tosen. Your old, sightless self would have evaded an attack of this level with ease.
  • Exactly what it sounds like. The shape this thing takes just kind of irritates me. I mean, just look at it. Wouldn't you say this shape is made for reaping lives?
  • Have you learned to fear yet? It looks like we're finally evenly-matched.
  • Ive never noticed, Old Man Yama does sort of look like Santa. I wonder what that was all about anyways.
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