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About This Character

Example lines said by Shoutmon:
  • You bagra goons will not get the codecrowd
  • I will be king so you bad digimon won't hurt others
  • Victory for team fusion fighters!
  • Hi I'm shoutmon the future digimon king
  • The bagra army are nasty and cruel their the worst. and about you was it nice to pick on a persion who like anime and cartoons?
  • Well I'm off to fight the bagra goons. you just wait the others have lessions for you to learn
  • This zone can't be real.
  • why is this the only zone not touch by the Bagragoons?
  • it's miss bats again. now this zone is no longer a secret.
  • Dad i'll be fine besides agumon and veemon will help me out if need help
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