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About This Character

Example lines said by Shiori Misaka:
  • It's got a complicated name. And no matter how much medicine I take and how many shots they give me, there's nothing but anybody can do to make me better. I guess you could say that's why I don't really remember the name anymore. I mean, what would be the point of remembering. Memorizing the name of a non curable diseases isn't gonna keep me alive any longer. When my sister first went to your school, she told me how people would eat in the courtyard when it was nice. She promised that, one day, nice or not, the two of us would eat lunch out there.
  • If you can do it, please keep treating me just like you would have a normal girl. Your treating me like that before and it'd really help me to remember the time when I was truly happy.
  • Yuichi, can I ask you to do a little favor for me?
  • Me? Uh, I'm a sophomore.
  • Well uh, my house is right over there, so I'm gonna...
  • [Bows] Goodbye.
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