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About This Character

Example lines said by Sephiroth:
  • This is outrageous! I have told you all time and time again that these extremists MUST be dealt with! There is no way that they can make fools out of us. We that helped this ohso great nation get back on their feet. Yet they treat us like this! How did they even use the Emergency Broadcast channel?! How did they even get in?! I will go down and deal with them myself since I can clearly see you guys dont care!
  • You will NOT silence me, Aramil! I have been a member of this council for years before you made your appearance, and you will show me the respect I am due! IF you do not dare show that respect then I shall beat it into to you!
  • Silence at once! We are to wait until the signal is given. Then we attack. But for now, we wait. (Evil laugh)
    They will never know what hit them
  • Good too see you.... Cloud
  • On your knees... i want you to beg for forgiveness
  • Is this the pain you felt before? ... Cloud
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