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About This Character

Example lines said by Sephiroth:
  • Where is Genesis?
  • Mission failed. This goes on your permanent record.
  • (exhausted) Don't...Test me!
  • It is merely a matter of waiting we have been doing so for years now, a little longer should be nothing. After all, this is our first national appearance that the government cant cover up. So day by day its time to cast these nighted colors off or will the clouds still hang over us?
  • Both of you, have to learn to get along. How can we take down Los Illuminados if we are constantly fighting one-another. Wouldnt you agree Jeremiel?
  • The message is out now, Uriel. Everything is going according to plan all we need is for people to look at the truth.
  • It means Angeal has betrayed us as well.
  • Once sector 8 is clear, come to mako reactor 5.
  • How can I not? When you've beaten it into my head.
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