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About This Character

Example lines said by Sebastian Michaelis:
  • *Teasingly disappointed* Are you good for nothing, except for getting captured?
  • Goddammit Grell, YOU HAD ONE JOB.
  • Now to the crowd! This is no illusion, this is pure magic! Prepare for
    a show of a life time! *Said in an accouncy tone, performing for a large crowd.*
  • (sing a part of Love is Covered in Blood)
  • All I want is a healthy body and a successful growth for my master. (pause) Has Lady Elizabeth not outgrown you lately?
  • As a Phantomhive butler, what would I do if I were not able to catch even a mouse?
  • We've clearly somewhat under-estimated you.
  • Please do take care of the young master.
  • Hello, my ladies. May I help you?
  • Yes, m'Lord?
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