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About This Character

Example lines said by Sazh Katzroy:
  • If those things are still around, might be some soldiers trapped in here, too. Except theyd be lCie by now. Not even human anymore. Just Pulse lCie. Enemies of Cocoon. Cant show em any mercy.
  • Whats gotten into you, Soldier? I thought you came for a fight.
  • The hell it does! Youre grasping at straws, son! Pulse falCie are Cocoons enemies. We just got recruited by one of them. If I were a betting manId put us on the other side.
  • Hypothetically speaking, what is the proper response if one gets bitten by a most likely not rabid squirrel? Hypothetically.
  • I want to poop on a bird, just to show them what it's like.
  • I tried to get you to come inside, but you insisted on throwing up in the flowers because they were pretty.
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