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About This Character

Example lines said by Sayaka Maizono:
  • Introduce yourself as Maizono, or if the song you're singing has spoken parts in it that works as well.
  • I can read minds. Relax, It's a joke. I just have good intuitions.
  • I know I said I wanted to talk, but when push comes to shove, I don't know what to say...
  • Er, this is... It's just like you said... I came here and suddenly fell asleep. It looks like we're all in on the same boat...
  • I can read minds... Relax, it's a joke--actually, it's because I'm an esper!... Haha, I just have good intuition, that's all.
  • Thank you so much, Naegi. I really do trust you, you know.
  • I can read minds Relax, it's a joke. I just have good intuitions.
  • Naegi-kun, have we met somewhere before...? Wait, that's it! We went to middle school together!
  • Hehehe, I'm more sturdy than I look, don't worry.
  • N-no!! I've gotta get out of here... I've gotta get out of here right now!!
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