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About This Character

Example lines said by Sanji:
    That legendary place that the end of the map reveals
    Is only legendary 'til someone proves it's real.
    So come on board and bring along all your hopes and dreams
    Together we will find everything that we're looking for
    One piece!
  • (SPEECH) ''Oh Nami dear! You look so beautiful in that dress! You too, Robin!
  • (swooning over nami) Oh Nami! I'm here for you my love!
  • (attack)Collier Coup
  • (lecturing) Men who can't wipe away the tears from women's eyes aren't real men.
  • There are things in this world, which people can't protect without making sacrifices themselves. Your Dad was special. He had something that was worth so much, that he was willing to give his life up in order to protect it. Make sure to remember that Milia. Now lets go eat before it all goes cold...(Serious, then Friendly)
  • I GOT YOU, YOU SCUMBAG! ZORO? What the hell are you doing walking around this forest alone? This isn't the beach! You need to stop getting lost you idiot! (Screaming, then Angry)
  • This place really is impressive. You managed to dig this all out in under a month? Wow!
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