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About This Character

Example lines said by Sanae Furukawa:
  • I put a rice cookie inside. It's amazing, isn't it? My idea is great, isn't it?
  • [begins to be worried] It goes crunch, crunch... should I name it Crunch Crunch Bread...? Or is Crack Crack Bread much better?
  • [still worried] I wonder what's wrong... is it the name? I'm not confident about the name...
  • ( calmly, , happily ) She does. We just found out. ( seriously ) I'm not talking about baking.
  • ( teasingly , playfully ) Yeah, Tomoya, like what's the deal, huh? *light laugh*
  • ( sadly , sobbing ) You don't like my pastries. My only pastries. So its plain to see why they haven't sold!
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