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About This Character

Example lines said by Sailor Venus / Minako Aino:
  • (Sweetly) Hi! I'm Minako Aino! Pleased to meet you (giggle)
  • (Yell) Venus power! Make up!
  • (Serious) What do you think, Artemis?...
  • Venus Crystal Power Make Up!
  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock!
  • Usagi, you'll take the make-up exams with me won't you?
  • Moon Pride
    I will become the wind that is under your wings
  • Shiny Make Up
    Well shine bright just like the stars in the night sky.
    Time and space cant break us apart just like in our past life.
  • So Shiny Make Up
    Well take flight beyond the starry night sky
    Sin and darkness consumes the world
    But I believe the future is bright
    So Shiny Make Up
    Well fight till the end
    Until the world engulfed in pure light
    A new legend is beginning right now
    As told by our new lives
    La La Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
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