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About This Character

Example lines said by Sailor Mercury / Amy:
  • Mercury Bubbles...Blast!
  • Instead of reading that junk, Serena, you should study more. I could help you.
  • Sing a bit, I know this is bland but I honestly don't know what to put here...
  • (shouting with enthusiasm) Mercury Power!
  • (shouting in concern) Oh no! It's using the boy for cover! We can't attack it now!
  • (Reassuringly) You were very brave, standing up to your fears takes more courage than you think.
  • Pardon me, after I told everyone about you and Seiya-kun, we decided to come over here together!
  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody! (then some grunts, oofs, screams, other battle noises)
  • Now! Sailor Moon! ... Oh no!
  • Did we do drunk science last night? There's tequila in the test tubes...
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