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About This Character

Example lines said by Sailor Mars / Rei Hino:
  • No one can bring evil into this sacred shrine, I will protect it
  • Mars power make-up!
  • Evil spirit, be exorcised!
  • Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!
  • Mars Flame Sniper!
  • But you don't understand guys, your hardship is mine too!
  • [in thoughts] [intense] I can feel it...!! An usually demonic atmosphere! Could it be an evil specter?! [slightly angry, heroic, still in thoughts] So you've finally come! One of you heathens who would bring evil calamity even to a sacred shrine?! I will not allow that!

    [out loud, intense] Evil spirit, be exorcised!
  • [slightly embarrassed, somewhat awkwardly]

    ...Many apologies. Um... Usagi-san, you say? I confess my error. However, the demonic atmosphere was definitely there.
  • [surprised, breaking her seriousness for a moment]

    What did I just...? These clothes...?!

    [in thoughts, piecing two and two together, somewhat relieved]

    I'm Sailor Mars...? The reason I've got a power unlike normal people... ...is because I'm a guardian?

    [heroic, confident] The Guardian of Fire and Passion, Sailor Mars! You will refrain from underestimating women! And with Mars Power, you will burn!
  • Moon Pride
    I will become the wind that is under your wings
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