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About This Character

Example lines said by Ryoji :
  • (Q: Out of all of the members of the the Host Club besides Haruhi, who is your favorite?) If I can't pick Haruhi, then of course It'd be Kyoya, he is kind, responsible, and good with finances. Okay...I'll say the real truth...Kyoya because...He's So CUUUUUTTTTTEEE!!!!!! Well and the responsibility and finance thing.
  • (Improvise an answer to the following question: Can you give me advice for becoming a tranny like you?)
  • (Improvise anything you want to say in his voice)
  • I'm home, Haruhi. Hey why do you leave the door open? (happily)
  • (Light tranny voice) How are you doing, daughter? Who did you choose to stay with? NOT THAT RAPIST RIGHT?!
  • (Man voice) Ugh. Hey, don't run away just because you've seen me with my morning stubble. I'll shave in a minute! Get back here!
  • (Comforting) Haruhi... Dear... I love you so much. And your mother did as well. *breaks* Please don't cry. It's raining, and you're crying. It's like your mother can feel your pain and she's weeping with you. *breaks* How do I know that sound? Because I broke her heart many times. Men are jerks, and I'm sorry you have to feel the pain of our stupidity. Just remember. You're my little girl. Nothing will ever happen to you. Daddy's here. He'll protect you.
  • Not my daughter!
  • (improvis)
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