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Example lines said by Roxas:
  • Today makes 255... (Axel: 255 what? Days since you've been in the Org?) No, 255 times I've been yelled at by Larxene.
  • Axel, where does Sea Salt Ice Cream come from?
  • Oh, hey Xion. When did you get here?
  • Who are you again? It's weird I feel like I'm forgetting something really important.
  • Today makes 255. It's been that many days since I first joined the Organization.
  • I want Xion back! I want my life back!
  • (Day 255) Today makes 255. [Pause] Its been that many days since I first joined the Organization. Man, time flies. [Pause] Yeah. Have to hang onto something, right? Its not like I have memories from before the Organization. Dont you remember? I acted like a zombie. [Pause] Oh thanks! [Laugh]
  • (Day 355) What makes you so sure about that? I have the right to know the truth! How did I even get here? Why am I so special? Where did I learn how to use the Keyblade? I hardly know who I am! What is so wrong with wanting some answers!? [Pause] I need to know, Axel. Please Who am I?
  • (Diary Entry - Day 8: Entry 2) Axel and I went to Twilight Town today. He taught me a lot. Before we RTC'd (Returned To the Castle) we swung by the clock tower and had some sea-salt ice cream. Axel called it the icing on the cake after a successful mission. Well, except there was no cakejust the ice cream. I dont know what to write in this thing!
  • Where am I? Who the **** are you?
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