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About This Character

Example lines said by Rouge the Bat:
  • Just... let it go! You just don't know WHEN to give up, do you?
  • I wonder if Shadow is alright...
  • My name is Rouge the Bat, better known as the treasure hunter, Rouge. I just love jewels and cannot seem to get enough of them! I found this very valuable Master Emerald but... This annoying echidna has been following me. He's so persistent! Moreover, this strange old man with a weird looking mustache tried snatching it from me, but before that happened it was shattered into pieces. Oh, look what you've done! Now, I have to find and collect all the pieces!
  • *Angry yet partially sad*Would you stop screaming!?
  • *Still Sad, calmed down* Believe me, we all wanted to stop her.
  • Well, if youd all shut up and actually let me RESPOND, I could tell you all these things
  • Im going to go find Shadow and Omega. You sure you boys will be okay without me?
  • Please, unlike a certain Echidna I know, I can handle myself.
  • Oh hey there...
  • Oh! What a pretty gem!
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