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Example lines said by Rose:
  • No one gets in huh? well i'm sorry to disappoint you mister Fieldsmen, Rosie isn't gonna let the story of the year slip away right under her hooves while you sit in your big expensive tower, drooling over the mounds of money you make by selling hi tech weapons to unknown sources, and that's where i come in. My mission is simple, to look for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, for i am...ROSE! NUMBER ONE REPORTER FOR THE CHANNEL NEIGH NETWORK!
  • Phew, that was close, now i gotta find out where Mister Feldman's hides all his fancy toys, and once i have all the footage i need, the network would have to make me co anchor, which means i'll be working along side with, Buck Steadinson! *sighs like she's in love* he's sooooo, sooooo...*rose slaps herself* Pull yourself together Rose, focus on your'e mission, get that footage, sneak out of Feldman corporation, and have the footage delivered to The News Neigh Network, easy *takes a few seconds to realize she hit herself* Owwwoo that really hurt!
  • Michael Flats, Aged seventeen, Flats was one of the twenty five test subjects to pass project Century, he was later deprogrammed and kept in isolation until Kevin Terry Feldman was happy to awake him from his isolation and move him outside of the facility. Later he began his training for combat, along with the other twenty five who passed Project Century. Project Century? Test Subjects? Combat? Sounds to me that Feldman wants to declare war on Equestria. Ohhhh this can't be good *she pauses then she shows a giant grin on her face* but it's a whole lot better then some missiles and high tech laser cannons *she squeals with joy* This is story is gonna make me famous, no, more then famous, its going to make me a legend!
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