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About This Character

Example lines said by Rosa Farrell:
  • Cecil? Won't you tell me what happened? First you're sent of to Mysidia, and now to hunt some beast again so soon? Did something happen in Mysidia? Then why won't you look at me? You're a good man, Cecil. Cecil of the Red Wings is many things. But he is no coward. Not the Cecil who I love...The king is sending you to Mist to slay the Eidolon, isn't he? If anything were to happen to you, I couldn't... Be careful.
  • [Cecil hears of a fallen traveler from Baron, and decides to investigate the town. He finds Rosa sick in bed.] ...Uhhn...Cecil...Please, Cecil...Be alive! This is...for Cecil. [The light of the sand pearl shone on Rosa's face.] Uhhn...Cecil! You're safe! Oh, thank goodness! They told me you'd died in the earthquake at Mist. But...I knew it couldn't be true.
  • The king called upon him to lead the Red Wings in your stead. His Majesty has been acting even more peculiarly since Golbez came to Baron. He's not himself. I can't be sure, but I have a feeling Golbez is the one manipulating the king - to gain the Crystals for himself. The Water Crystal you took from Mysidia...The Fire Crystal of Damcyan...Fabul's Wind Crystal, and the Earth Crystal of Troia.
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